Sansui TV remote control universal codes

If you have a Sansui TV and need to program it with a universal remote, you will need a Sansui TV universal remote control code to do so. The great thing about using a universal remote control is that, you can use it to control other electronic gadgets in your house besides your Sansui TV. This means that you can use the same remote control to program both your Sansui TV and your DVD player or sound bar.

The Universal remote control codes for Sansui TV are usually 3, 4 and 5 digits. This one has listed multiple codes for the Sansui TV universal remote that you can try. Note that you may not get the correct code for your TV the first time you try. Which means that you will have to try other codes until you get the correct code for your Sansui TV.

Universal 3-digit remote control codes for Sansui TV

  • 011
  • 055
  • 834
  • 227
  • 029
  • 171
  • 865
  • 527
  • 310
  • 208
  • 030
  • 060
  • 748
  • 985
  • 750
  • 908
  • 211

Sansui TV 4-digit remote control universal codes

  • 0310
  • 0394
  • 0171
  • 6071
  • 0806
  • 1556
  • 1267
  • 1230
  • 1208
  • 5441
  • 1052
  • 5871
  • 1337
  • 2832
  • 0698
  • 0888
  • 0264
  • 0135
  • 5010
  • 5006
  • 1107
  • 6061

Universal 5-digit remote control codes for Sansui TV

  • 11670
  • 20695
  • 11904
  • 11892
  • 13700
  • 11938
  • 10173
  • 13700
  • 12258
  • 12282
  • 13559
  • 10463
  • 11938
  • 13520

Also, you have to learn the correct way to set up your universal remote to work with your Sansui TV.

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How to program the universal remote control for Sansui TV

Step 1 : Switch on your Sansui TV that you want to program.

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Step 2: Keep your universal remote control to face your TV or Sansui device.

Step 3: Find the option “TV” on your universal remote control Press on the “Setup” …button. The remote control will enter the learning mode.

Step 4: Find the codes that work with your brand of device using the list of codes listed above.

Step 5: If the process is correct, the small light will blink 4 times. When it does,… choose any of the codes above for your device and enter them. The button light will go on once you have the correct code. If not, try another code.

Step 6: Press any of the function keys on your remote control. If it works, that means… and you have the right steps. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and try another code.

How to check if your Sansui TV is a universal remote control

Some remote controls that come with some Sansui televisions are universal remote controls. Which means that you can use the remote to power other devices besides Sansui THE TELEVISION. To check if your Sansui remote is a universal remote, check if it has the “Set and” Mode options. If it does, it is a universal remote.

If you have any code that is not included in these, please help us add it to the comment box. We will greatly appreciate it.

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